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"Hi Hermione, I felt amazing on my wedding day and so much of that was to do with the beautiful Florie headdress, everybody commented on how beautiful and unusual it was and it was exactly what I'd always pictured wearing on my wedding day but didn't know existed! Before I got engaged I always looked in the Hermione Harbutt window with such admiration so as soon as I actually got engaged the first thing I did was book an appointment at the shop. As you know I picked the headdress before I even had a dress and then went on to buy a second Hermione piece before I'd even worn the first! My sister's Honey headdress was a dream, she wore it all day with no pain and felt amazing! You were so lovely. It has been a pleasure and a treat to be a Hermione Harbutt bride, and Chris is fully aware that I'd like a Hermione Harbutt piece for every anniversary so I'm pretty sure I'm a fan for life now! Kind Regards, Milly" Dot and Lucy Photography

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