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Holly looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day wearing the Cordelia Crystal Headpiece and she had this to say about it "This truly is a statement piece that you can keep forever and pass down to your little girl if she gets married. I had the 'Cordelia' for the special day and I felt so special. It really did just finish off my bridal look. The experience itself is just wonderful from the moment you walk in to the boutique shop, Stephanie is just so wonderful and puts you completely at ease. She truly makes it an experience and took pictures of all the different designs, complete with a veil. Stephanie was just so patient and it felt like I was chatting to a friend! I can't recommend her and Hermione enough. When 'Cordelia' arrived she was packaged beautifully and arrived in pristine condition (I didn't even have to wait long) with a note from Hermione herself! You could tell this is a quality piece and you get what you pay for. The opening of the box truly felt like a magical moment and the piece itself was simply breath-taking. This is an investment piece and why shouldn't you spoil yourself on the most special day of your life?!". She was photographed by Rebecca Fulton Photography.

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