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"Visiting Hermione's shop was honestly one of the best things I ever did for my wedding. I wasn't coming in expecting to buy anything, but as Hermione's designs and pre-made pieces are such a joy to browse through my mother, maid of honour and I thought we'd just have some fun looking at them. However, we were lucky enough to meet Hermione herself in the shop that day, and as she is so lovely we quickly got chatting about the wedding, my dress, and pieces which had caught my eye, and she invited me to have a sit while she selected a few things to try on. Better yet, Hermione immediately started to play around with individual jewels and basic hair vines, and literally began to custom-create a piece for me on the spot, tailored to my exact likes and dislikes. It was amazing to watch, and so delightful - and although I had quickly decided I absolutely WAS going to buy this piece, Hermione never put me under any pressure to do so - she was clearly just enjoying creating something, and was having just as much fun as I was. After buying the head piece, I came back to the shop a few months later to collect it (I am sure Hermione could be quicker, but I was in no rush) and ended up also having a custom bracelet and earrings made to match. I loved working with Hermione so much, and now have three pieces of beautiful jewellery that I will treasure forever, and will absolutely wear again. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend a visit, and also to be honest about your price expectations, as from my experience Hermione is happy to talk through budgets and what she can make work within them. The pieces are also nowhere near as expensive as you might expect - so do go and see for yourself what a magical experience working with Hermione is!" Naomi chose a stunning bespoke Dewdrop and Paris Vine to adorn her hair on her wedding day. Stunning; it was such a delight to help you discover your perfect headpiece for your wedding day. Beautiful capture by Joe Kingston Photography

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