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Floral Installation Spring 2018

Hermione: I wanted to create a really beautiful installation to celebrate the last four years we have been based in Kensington and to create a beautiful spectacle for those passing by. I have been completely overwhelmed by the positive responses and amazement of those stopping to view what we have created. . . . We joined forces with the amazing Bristol based Florist Lily Violet May to create a beautiful display in celebratiion of 4 wonderful years in the prettiest corner of Kensington. Our pretty new showcase reached the doors of Destination Luxury who shared a beautiful article about us! Thank you Darren Darnborough for the amazing piece! You can read the full article HERE. To see the magical unveiling from start to blossoming finish, click HERE Enjoy! Photography captured beautifully by Megan Gisborne With love, H XXXX

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