Wedding Bun Hairstyles

Gorgeous Hermione Harbutt brides show you various wedding bun hairstyles and ways to style your wedding accessories in the back of your hair.

It’s all in the back details …

Whether you choose to have a fringe, or sweep your hair back you can still choose many different styles of bun hairstyle for your wedding. Most styles can be worn with or without a veil which are usually provided on a comb that can be pinned in. Below are some examples of wedding bun hairstyles on brunette hair, dark hair and blonde hair. Hairpieces or hairpins really complement this style of hairstyle.

Wedding High Bun

Back necklace

Bun with bespoke hair jewellery


Wedding Bun Hairstyles

Wedding Back Bun with Headband.
Back Bun with Headband


Wedding Roll Bun With Veil
Wedding Roll Bun With Veil clipped in and side headpiece.
Wedding Bun Hairstyle with Curls
Wedding Bun Hairstyle with Curls
Sleek Classic Bun Wedding Hairstyle
Sleek Classic Bun with hairpins
High Wedding Bun with Hairpins
High Wedding Bun with Designer Hairpins
Wedding Loose Hairstyle
Wedding Loose Hairstyle with back necklace
Wedding Roll Bun Hairstyles
Brunette hairstyle with roll run at back and bespoke Grace Grange hair vine.

If your hair is up at the back in a bun, you can still wear a veil. Your veil can be clipped in wherever you feel comfortable and be removed if you only want it to be in for your service.

Wedding Bun Hairstyle With Fringe and Veil Blonde
Wedding hairstyle with fringe and veil.


Wedding plait wedding bun hairstyles
Wedding plait with veil and gorgeous back necklace. This is a more structured style and incorporates a bit of bespoke sparkle.


Some other bun hairstyle ideas:


Emma – Grace Grande pin-in – Kondella Misi Photography
Zarja – bespoke Vintage Vine comb – Amy Fanton Photography
Joanne – bespoke May Blossom back necklace
Lois – May Blossom hairpins and back necklace
Kat – Ritz pin-in
Charlie – Lily and Purity Hairpins – Jodie Hurd – JD Photography
Angela – May Blossom hairpins – Eli Turner Studios Photography
Harriet – bespoke Lily Fronde – Jacob Boodrie Photography
Rozie – Gini Garland pin-in – Guy Collier Photography


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