Bridal Hair Accessories: Accessorise your Wedding Hairstyle

Bridal hair accessories: What hairstyle works best?

You’re searching for the perfect hair accessories but you’re not even sure what to do with your treasured tresses yet? You know the saying; Keep Calm and Carry On! The great news is, your bridal accessories can be as versatile as you desire, which really helps if you can’t choose between a pulled back chignon bun or that rustic mermaid plait. For bridal hair SOS, discover these popular bridal hairstyles which all work with a range of the most exquisite bridal hair accessories, as well as some top tips from our specialist HH team for the ultimate Bridal hairdo whatever your wedding day look…


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“I want something at the back, but I’m not sure what.”

Chic low up-do

This is the perfect hairstyle for you if you’re hoping for something beautiful and versatile but with very little fuss. With possibilities to incorporate twists, plaits and the most sophisticated chignon bun, this look screams for some tendril decoration. A clustered trio of our Silver Lily Hairpins is an easy and elegant way to showcase your look to the back and to frame a flowing veil.

Gold hairpins embellished with pearls for wedding days and pretty hair adornments
Gold Lily Hairpins by Hermione Harbutt
Gold and pearl embellished bridal hairpins wedding accessories
Gold Lily Hairpins by Hermione Harbutt

HH TOP TIP: the rule of 3

A set of 3 hairpins gives you the option on your wedding day, whatever pinned-up hairstyle, for a clean symmetrical look with only 1 hairpin in placement either side or two together as a neat cluster (as pictured). You can also choose a broader cluster of 3 hairpins to one side or to the back for statement, or the natural beauty of an asymmetric placement with 2 hairpins to one side and only 1 to the other.

For something with more luxe and heavenly sparkle, the Cordelia Crystal Headpiece is the perfect hair adornment and a luxurious statement. Opt for a garland like our fabulous Florrie Blossom Headdress for a nod to the relaxed bohemian style with all the glamour. When gold is your treasure of choice, wait until you discover our underwater inspired princess piece… The Ariel Headpiece, showcasing golden leaves, scattered pearls and champagne crystals, is the most ornate wedding crown. Wrap around your head placing the sensational cluster to the back … ethereal and so sublime!

Crystal and pearl bridal headpiece for weddings and summer nuptials
Cordelia Crystal Headpiece by Hermione Harbutt
Pearl and crystal flower crown headdress for brides on their wedding day
Florrie Blossom Headdress by Hermione Harbutt
Golden leaf, blossom and pearl embellished headdress for summer nuptials and bridal hair accessories
Ariel Headdress by Hermione Harbutt


“My look is classic and sophisticated.”

The classic bride has an array of choices for her hair, and we’d suggest these lovely options for two amazing hairstyles.

Sleek Top Bun

Ultra sophisticated, sleek and sexy, this tight hairdo keeps those tresses under control and ultimately showcases your beautiful gown and jewellery. Frame your magnificent bun with our gorgeous Aphrodite. This ‘crown’ can be placed around your bun like a halo for the most beautiful celebration of pearls. Fancy something a little daring…? Choose to bring your embellishments to the front with our unique Galaxy Blush Headdress. Showcasing rose quartz stars this headdress will make your eyes sparkle just like those stars! Pair with the Galaxy Blush Drop Earrings for a classic starry showcase.

Pearl vine crown tiara for wedding hair accessories and bridal hair accessories
Aphrodite Crown by Hermione Harbutt
Rose Quartz star headdress on a band for a beautiful wedding hair accessory
Blush Galaxy Headdress by Hermione Harbutt
Rose Quartz star hook fastening earrings for pierced ears
Galaxy Blush Earrings by Hermione Harbutt

Elegant Loose Waves

You have the most beautiful locks; so show them off! Complete your classic look with a flower crown like our Wild Rose Tiara. These flowers can be treasured forever, and with blossoms made from raw pearls with Swarovski crystal centres, this headdress is the winning tiara from bloom to bloom. With a nod to the roaring 20’s, our delicate Tallulah Emma Headdress may be the perfect piece for your classic vintage style showcasing delicate pearl vines and the ‘ode to Gatsby’ essence. What a treasure! For something slightly unique with crystals to get your wedding guests swooning, the Rose Gold Droplet is a fabulous choice displaying Swarovski crystals of warm pink tones and delicate copper wiring. Formed on a band, your waves will fall beautifully from this crystal beauty!

Pearl blossom flower crown tiara on an alice band bridal accessories
Wild Rose Tiara by Hermione Harbutt

HH TOP TIP: get the best of both with a band

If you are considering a look with all of your hair down but love the option of an updo, perhaps for the ceremony only, a design or embellishment on a band is the perfect solution for you. With a pinned back updo, your band can hide under combed back layers whilst maintaining a front facing or tiara style embellishment to the top, and also disappears discreetly throughout your waves when your locks are free…

Pearl and crystal vintage inspired 1920s Gatsby style headdress for bridal accessories wedding day
Tallulah Emma Headdress by Hermione Harbutt
Rose gold Swarovski crystal embellished bridal tiara headdress for weddings summer nuptials
Rose Gold Droplet by Hermione Harbutt


“I can’t make up my mind, my look is quite unique.”

Then do both! And the options available to you are so exciting.

Freestyle: Half Up and Half Down

Our favourite hairstyle with an abundance of options to choose from. A pretty circlet like the Fleurette Headdress, a most delicate crystal vine garland showcasing pearl blossoms and pearl tendrils, has a beautiful balance and works with even your most unique bridal style. Searching for something with drama for your more contemporary wedding? Choose our Galatea Headdress with pearl peaks for the most dynamic statement. Sitting on a band, this piece will allow you to let every flock of hair fall by the end of the night once that champagne has kicked in. If your gown is of a blush tone, we would love to see you in the Rose Gold Galatea Duo option. Just look at those crystal peaks!

pearl and crystal blossom circlet garland crown wedding tiara bridal hair accessory
Fleurette Garland by Hermione Harbutt
Pearl embellished peak bridal tiara wedding accessories
Galatea Headdress by Hermione Harbutt

HH TOP TIP: Headpieces with height

Height can be light! If you like the idea of a front showcase but want to avoid anything too heavy or bold, our bespoke service may be the perfect opportunity for you to create something exciting and dynamic to your desire without the need for the most statement of bridal crowns.

rose gold Swarovski crystal peak bridal tiara headdress wedding accessories
Rose Gold Galatea Duo Headdress

Sensual Back Twist

Wrap those tousled waves together at the back or side for a beautiful play on the ponytail. Scatter your Repunzel twist throughout with the Gypsophilia or Orion Star Hairpins for an effortless and pretty finish. For a more romantic look choose our Violette Garland, displaying clusters of mother of pearl blossoms, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls on a whimsical vine. Woven through the twists of your hair this piece will have your spouse falling at the alter in awe of your romantic display. Wrap your Violette Garland around the head for an alternative look through the evening or to soften your short sharp bob. Pair with the prettiest Violette Drop Earrings for blossom beauty at its best.

Pearl gypsophilia hairpins wedding bridal hair accessories
Gypsophilia Hairpins by Hermione Harbutt
Swarovski crystal star bridal wedding hair accessories
Orion Hairpins by Hermione Harbutt

HH TOP TIP: Garlands vs pin-in pieces

A longer garland doesn’t mean long hair is essential. A garland with longer length is perfect for creative twists, plaists and updo’s, whilst a smaller pin-in piece can be placed anywhere you desire around your woven wonders. Wear to the back for a surprise statement, or to the front or side for the most unique of hair accessory showcases.

pearl and blossom flower crown circlet wedding garland for bridal hair accessories
Violette Garland by Hermione Harbutt
pearl and mother of pearl blossoms flower crown bridal hair accessories
Violette Garland by Hermione Harbutt

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