Wedding Tiaras

A Brief History of Tiaras

The word 'tiara' is Persian in origin, deriving from the Persian empire circa 331 BC and used to describe the high-peaked headdresses of Persian kings. The English Dictionary defines a tiara as a 'semicircular jewelled headdress'. Now, the name tiara is used to describe almost every form of decorative hair ornament.

In England, wearing jewelled headdresses was a well-established custom by the end of the 15th century. Tiaras were no longer seen as only exclusive to royalty and the higher classes, but as a symbol of the joy of marriage. For most modern women, their wedding day is perhaps the only day within their life that they can wear a tiara without fear of looking incongruous. This opportunity is therefore readily met with excitement and expectation, and the choosing of a wedding tiara will be an eagerly anticipated event. The wedding tiara allows the bride to be the centre of attention and formally crowns her as queen for the day. 

Tiaras, far from being a dying trend, are becoming increasingly recognised as one of the most flattering and versatile forms of wedding jewellery available to brides today. Tiaras now encompass many forms, with side jewelled headdresses, combs and hair pins, all serving as flattering forms of hair jewellery.

Hermione Harbutt Tiaras

Hermione Harbutt designs and creates a wide range of wedding tiaras to wear with your wedding jewellery (wedding jewelry). True to the modern development of jewelled headdresses, Hermione Harbutt tiaras are not restricted to the traditional wedding crowns, but cover a wide range of beautiful designs that any modern bride would be eager to wear. For example, Hermione Harbutt's Deco Deluxe tiara and Peacock Glamour tiara are both side jewelled headdresses which have been very well received by modern brides, keen to keep up with the newest trends.

Hermione Harbutt also provides some gorgeous traditionally shaped wedding tiaras, such as the Juliet tiara and the Vintage Vine Luxe tiara, both exuding a striking, classically royal shape. Each tiara is carefully handcrafted using beautiful gemstones, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals to create an exemplary jewelled headpiece. The tiara a bride chooses to wear on her wedding day can be both a stunning statement jewelled headpiece or a few subtle jewelled hair accessories, but there is no doubt that all brides should relish the opportunity to wear a wedding tiara and allow it to be the crowning glory of her wedding jewellery.